Weekend Renovation: Living Room

Ok kiddies this past weekend it was the living room’s turn to be spruced up. After a knock down drag out over paint colors with the home owners the living room renovation was under way. Now this is a work in progress there is much more that will be done but just to keep you in the loop here is a before and after so far.



What I used:

  1. Paint: Saw Dust
Approx. Cost: $22

What I did:

  • Painted the walls Saw Dust
  • Added a few knickknacks, pillows, decorative accents

Nothing spectacular yet but I think a little paint equals a big transformation!


Weekend Renovation: Kitchen

It was rainy and dull this past weekend and so was my kitchen. So I thought, now the weather will clear up but what am I going to do about this kitchen? I had been wanting to get my hands on this kitchen for a while so I took the opportunity. Previously I added a backsplash from the stove, over the sink, and all the way to the wall. But that wasn’t enough.

What I did:

  1. Painted the border at the top of the wall Tomato Red
  2. Painted all the cabinets Pecan
  3. Painted all the hardware Metallic Silver

What I used:

  • Spray paint (silver)
  • Sampler paint (red)
  • A pint of paint (pecan)

Approx. Cost: $15

It was a little time consuming but what else did I have to do this weekend? With some painters tape and a little patience it wasn’t that bad and I am very pleased with the transformation!


Fabric Wreath

Project number three from the fabric mountain is a Fabric Wreath. Very Simple and Very Easy!

What you need:

  1. Foam Wreath
  2. Fabric
  3. Screwdriver

Approx. Cost: $2

  • First pick a design, pattern, color, etc for your wreath.
  • Take your fabric and cut 2X2 squares.
  • Take your screwdriver and use it to punch the fabric square into the wreath. (Remember the harder you push down the more fabric will be “inside” the wreath so it is preference to how “poofy” you want your wreath.)
  • Cover the entire wreath using this method.

Finished Product:

Wall Art

I was operating off of a creative high after my trip to Hobby Lobby so I completed a few different projects!

The second project idea was shared with me by my very wonderful and talented friend Amberley! I call them Fabric Rings.

What you need:

  1. Embroidery hoops (different sizes and shapes if you’re feeling fancy)
  2. Fabric
  3. Buttons (Optional)

Approx. Cost: $12

  • After you have picked how many and what shapes and sizes you want to use for your hoops, you need to decide on fabric patterns and colors.
  • After all the important decisions are made take a hoop and remove the inside hoop, make sure the outer hoop is loose enough to place the fabric inside and place the inner hoop on top of the fabric.
  • Tighten the outer hoop so the fabric is nice and taut inside.
  • Cut the excess fabric from around the hoop.
  • Add buttons if you so choose.

Finished product:

So Much Fabric So Little Time!

After yet another trip to Hobby Lobby yes I said Hobby Lobby where I bought more fabric yes I said more fabric I had a small mountain of fabric and a few project ideas at my disposal.

The first project was Pine Cone Orbs:


What you need:

  1. Fabric
  2. Styrofoam balls
  3. hot glue

Approx. Cost: $7

  • First pick the fabric you want and how many different patterns you want to use I used a different pattern for each orb.
  • Cut 2X2 squares of each fabric. (Depending on how big you want your orbs depends on how many squares you need to cut.)
  • Take one 2X2 square and glue it flat to the top of one of the styrofoam balls.
  • Fold a 2X2 square in half and then in half again now you have a little square.
  • Turn the square so it looks like a diamond and glue the edge with all the loose fabric ends to the ball. (The folded edge should be pointing up.)
  • Continue gluing around the orb until you complete a circle.
  • Then move down to start and new circle keep doing this until you have covered the entire orb.


Finished Product:



The Wonderful World of Fabric

So I was restless on my day off and decided to take a trip to Hobby Lobby… Hobby Lobby is to Kim as kryptonite is to Superman. Before I knew it I had an arm full of fabric remnants.¬†I found some amazing pieces and great prices! I haven’t used everything yet but I have the whole weekend off so who knows what I’m going to get into!

The first project I completed from the pile was a new headboard.

What you need:

  • Some type of board I used old bookcase backing (others suggest plywood)
  • Foam
  • Felt
  • Pillow stuffing
  • Fabric

Approx. cost: $10


  1. Lay down the foam first
  2. Top the foam with pillow stuffing as little or as much as you want
  3. Lay the felt on top of the stuffing secure with hot glue
  4. Lay the fabric on top secure with hot glue

Now you have an instant and stylish upgrade for your bed!

Lace Dresser


Here is a fun, easy, and cheap way to start the new year and revamp an old dresser or any piece of furniture!

What you need:

~Spray paint (I used three different colors(gray, metallic silver, and black) 5 cans total)

~Lace (I used a quarter of a yard any color will work I used white)

Total price: 5 cans of spray paint: $14

1/4 yd. of lace: under $2

Approx.total: $16

Total time: about an hour (depending on how long the paint takes to dry)

First: I removed the drawers and painted the body of the dresser, I removed the knobs from each drawer, and then painted each drawer.

Second: I painted the knobs.

Third: Lay the lace over the top of one of the drawers (the lace is used as a stencil). Spray paint over the lace a couple of times so the pattern shows through. Remove the lace and paint the other drawers the same way.

Fourth: After everything is dry attach the knobs to the drawers and put the drawers back into the dresser.

Now you have a fun and stylish piece that looks like a million bucks and will breathe new life into any space in your home!