Lace Dresser


Here is a fun, easy, and cheap way to start the new year and revamp an old dresser or any piece of furniture!

What you need:

~Spray paint (I used three different colors(gray, metallic silver, and black) 5 cans total)

~Lace (I used a quarter of a yard any color will work I used white)

Total price: 5 cans of spray paint: $14

1/4 yd. of lace: under $2 $16

Total time: about an hour (depending on how long the paint takes to dry)

First: I removed the drawers and painted the body of the dresser, I removed the knobs from each drawer, and then painted each drawer.

Second: I painted the knobs.

Third: Lay the lace over the top of one of the drawers (the lace is used as a stencil). Spray paint over the lace a couple of times so the pattern shows through. Remove the lace and paint the other drawers the same way.

Fourth: After everything is dry attach the knobs to the drawers and put the drawers back into the dresser.

Now you have a fun and stylish piece that looks like a million bucks and will breathe new life into any space in your home!



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