Weekend Renovation: Kitchen

It was rainy and dull this past weekend and so was my kitchen. So I thought, now the weather will clear up but what am I going to do about this kitchen? I had been wanting to get my hands on this kitchen for a while so I took the opportunity. Previously I added a backsplash from the stove, over the sink, and all the way to the wall. But that wasn’t enough.

What I did:

  1. Painted the border at the top of the wall Tomato Red
  2. Painted all the cabinets Pecan
  3. Painted all the hardware Metallic Silver

What I used:

  • Spray paint (silver)
  • Sampler paint (red)
  • A pint of paint (pecan)

Approx. Cost: $15

It was a little time consuming but what else did I have to do this weekend? With some painters tape and a little patience it wasn’t that bad and I am very pleased with the transformation!



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