Studded Bottom Purse

Lately I have been loving the purses with the studded bottoms. I think it is unique and can give any outfit a punch! Studding on the bottom is so chic and unexpected. So I did a little research but the purses are a little on the pricey side so you know me… DIY opportunity right? Right!

Now I needed to find the right purse. The hunt was on, after a few searches over a couple of weeks I was on break and decided to take a walk down to Ross. They had amazing stuff and I found exactly what I was looking for! I got a black, flat bottom, handbag… it was perfect. I already had the studs!

What you need:

  • Studs
  • A purse
Approx. Time: 1 hour
Approx. Cost: $23

What I did:

  1. I got the purse from Ross any purse you want is fine any color any style. This is your chance to make it you!
  2. Take studs from Hobby Lobby $1.67 for a 30 count pack, I used one whole pack and then like four out of the other pack so depending on how large the area is that you want to stud that will tell you how many packs of studs to buy.
  3. Then I manually punched each stud through the bottom of the purse. This was not hard because the bottom of the purse was thin enough for my to do it this way. The thicker the bottom the harder it will be manually. (Tip: look for a purse with a thin bottom)

Finished Product:


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