DIY: Place Mat Clutch

Super stylish and beyond affordable I give you the place mat clutch! This idea came about because I wanted a clutch but not just any clutch a specific clutch and since I couldn’t find what I wanted I decided to make it.

What you need:

  • a place mat
  • fabric
  • a button
  • a snap fastener

Approx. Cost: $6.00

What I did:

  1. I found a place mat that was faux leather and had a nice design this is were you can be super creative and you can find place mats any and everywhere for a couple of bucks.
  2. I used fabric remnants from Hobby Lobby and I also got the snap fastener from Hobby Lobby I used my 40% off coupon! Make sure you get a fastener with prongs.
  3. I decided a I wanted an envelope style clutch so I used the fabric as the flap of the clutch and just folded it and secured it in the desired shape.
  4. I folded the place mat in half and sewed the sides, I attached the flap at the top.
  5. The snap fastener is two pieces one goes on top and the other in the bottom. Punch the prongs through the place mat and fold them over and do the same with the top piece. Punch it through the flap and fold the prongs over.
  6. To hide the prongs from the fastener I attached a button on the top of the flap.
  7. You can get very creative with a project like this. Use all kinds of buttons, fabrics, different place mats, add studs and beading! Just have fun!


Final product:



Trend Focus: Hombre Nails

The Hombre trends is real big right now whether it’s hair, clothes, or nails. I wanted to hombre my hair for the longest but I wasn’t sure… so I did the next best thing… NAILS!

For Hombre Nails all you do is take three or more colors in the same color palette and paint each nail differently so the nails go from dark to light.

I used three colors in the orange-y, pink-y, coral-y color palette. I painted my pinky finger and ring finger the darkest color, the middle and index finger the second darkest, and the thumb the lightest color.


What do you think? I really like this trend! I’m off to find out what else I can Hombre!

DIY: Chain Charm Bracelet

I was feeling creative and this is what I came up with:

What you need:

  • random jewelry parts (chains, charms, clasps, etc)
  • needle nose pliers

What I did:

  1. I had pieces from a few old necklaces so I took the chunkier chain that had the clasps still attached and used that as my base bracelet.
  2. I took another chain and threaded it through the bigger chain a couple of times and attached it to the end near the clasps.
  3. I took some old pendents and earrings and attached them to the bracelet in a charm-like manner.

Final product:

Depending on what pieces you have you can create some pretty interesting and unique jewelry!

Trend Focus: The “Man Purse”

Hello Everyone! It has been too long but when life happens…

So I have started a new blog topic that I believe I can blog about on the regular. The new topic is going to be called Trend Focus and every few days I’m going to blog on a new trend focus and I want opinions and discussions about the focus.

Today’s Trend Focus is the “Man Purse”:

I personally hate the “Man Purse”! I can deal with the briefcase or the laptop case but no purses!!!!! Over the years us girls have had many things stripped from us. We have had to “share” some of our most sacred and prized possessions as women. And the list goes a little something like this:

  1. eyeliner (guyliner- no no)
  2. nail polish (Alphanail- man nail polish- I don’t think so)
  3. skinny jeans (need I say more)
  4. earrings (yes I’m upset about that one)
  5. scarves (I don’t know I just don’t like a man in a scarf but maybe that’s just me? lol)

And the list could go on as a matter of fact please add to the list in the comments! What do you guys think? “Man Purse” good or bad? Other stolen female beauty and fashion trends good or bad? Or is it just me? (I’m not afraid to stand alone! =D)