DIY: Love Necklace

Very easy. Very Stylish!

What you need:

  • floral or beading wire
  • embroidery thread
  • clear nail polish
  • jewelry chain
Approx. Cost: $9

What I did:

  1. Cut as little or as much wire as you want (the more you cut the bigger your love will be and so on)
  2. I twisted the embroidery thread around the wire and then I began forming the word LOVE with the wire (I used a reference picture to get my formation right and you can use the nail polish bottle to form the O in the word LOVE
  3. After LOVE is formed use the clear nail polish to secure and seal the embroidery thread to the wire
  4. I left loops on the L and the E to secure the necklace chain on either end
  5. OPTIONAL: I added a chain tassel and pearl to the E on the end of LOVE


Final product:


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