The Bougie Water Challenge

Here’s something fun for your Wednesday. There was a debate going on about bottle water; which brand is better or does it really matter it’s all the same.

I used to laugh at the bougie people paying upwards of $3 a bottle for “artisan water”. I thought water is water is water and it’s all nasty! LOL I don’t like to drink water so in an effort to drink more water and see what all the fuss was about I created the bougie water challenge.

I went to the store and I bought all the different waters so I could evaluate them and see if one was superior to the others.

I purchased: Fiji, Evian, Voss still and sparkling, Eternal Water, S. Pellegrino, Perrier, Life Wtr, Core Hydration, and Boxed Water.



Fiji: Claim to fame: Natural artisan water from the islands of Fiji, bottled at the source. Untouched by humans until you unscrew the cap (nice huh!).

Pros: crisp, refreshing, quenching, no weird taste, 7.7 pH, easy to open bottle, travel friendly, aesthetically pleasing

Cons: none

Conclusion: I like this water I would buy it regularly

Evian: Claim to fame: Natural spring water from the French Alps.

Pros: 7.2 pH, travel friendly, easy to open bottle, quenching, no after taste

Cons: spring water taste, not as crisp and refreshing as Fiji

Conclusion: I would buy it if I couldn’t find Fiji

Voss Sparkling: Claim to fame: Artesian water from Norway.

Pros: This was my first time trying plain sparkling water it was weird in a good way! Refreshing and crisp, cool aesthetic- glass bottle very tall, no after taste, taste best ice cold

Cons: not quenching, not travel friendly, no pH given

Conclusion: Great sparkling water! I would buy it again. Regularly? Probably not just because it’s sparkling.

Voss Still: Claim to fame: Artesian water from Norway.

Pros: refreshing, quenching, great bottle aesthetic

Cons: not travel friendly, extremely hard to open (may have just been that bottle lol), no pH given

Conclusion: I would keep a bottle or two in my fridge.

Eternal Water:  Claim to fame: Naturally alkaline spring water from the most pure and pristine sources on Earth.

Pros: Bio bottle (environmentally friendly), pH 7.8-8.2, nice bottle design, easy to open, crisp, refreshing, and quenching, travel friendly, no taste

Cons: none

Conclusion: I would purchase again.

S. Pellegrino: Claim to fame: bottled at the source San Pellegrino Terme (Bergamo) Italy. Sparkling natural mineral water.

Pros: refreshing, love the bottle design (I’m a sucker for glass bottles), easy screw top

Cons: tasted minerally, weird during taste (felt like I needed a chaser), no pH given

Conclusion: I would stock some for looks on my bar cart but I would NEVER drink S. Pellegrino again.

Perrier: Claim to fame: Captured at the source in France. Sparkling natural mineral water.

Pros: love the bottle, easy to drink from, refreshing, no sodium

Cons: still minerally tasting (not as bad as Pellegrino), no pH given, not quenching, not travel friendly

Conclusion: I would buy for looks not for drinking. I DO NOT like mineral water!

Life Wtr: Claim to fame: Purified water pH balanced, electrolytes for taste. Thirst Inspiration.

Pros: support artists/designers (adds to the aesthetic), squirt top (yassss), travel perfect, refreshing, tastes good, quenching, no after taste or during taste

Cons: basic

Conclusion: great everyday water; I would purchase again but it doesn’t give me those good bougie vibes

Core Hydration: Claim to fame: Perfect pH water.

Pros: cool bottle, 7.4 pH (the pH of your body), environmentally friendly bottle, no sodium, fresh, crisp, clean, no taste, quenching

Cons: could be more travel friendly

Conclusion: great water reminds me of Essentia (I would have included it in my test but I couldn’t find it- great water!), I would buy it regularly.

Boxed Water: Claim to fame: Boxed water is better. Purified water.

Pros: Eco friendly bottle, process, super small carbon footprint, charitable, crisp, refreshing, quenching, good water, fun aesthetic

Cons: not super easy to drink from

Conclusion: I would buy one or two for conversation but I wouldn’t purchase it regularly. It’s great water but not worth the money.

Ultimate Conclusion: Fiji is my choice for the ultimate bougie water. It’s good water and it gives me those good bougie vibes!

What do you think?

Live it. Love it. Drink it.


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