Halloween Looks

Hey everyone! Need ideas for Halloween? Want to have fun with makeup? Look no further. Here are a few looks I’ve done over the years to give you a little inspiration!


Just remember to have fun! Let me know what you decided to go as! Happy Halloween!

Live it. Love it. Style it.


HomeGoods Haul & How I Styled It

Happy Sunday folks! I’m excited about this post because it’s INTERIORS!!! I feel like I don’t post enough interiors which is really where my passion is.

I went to HomeGoods and had a blast! Here are a few items I bought:


And here is how I styled them:


I’m really into blue right now. So this is how I incorporated it into my living area. I feel like it still gives a fall look even though it’s not your typical fall color scheme. Also I kept it super cozy and still rich with texture.

How are you updating your home?

Live it. Love it. Style it.

Why It’s OK to be a Product Junkie

Hey! Today we’re getting serious. Is your counter crowded? Your shelf stuffed? Your bathroom bombarded? OK enough with the alliterations. Are you a product junkie?


There is a major sigma attached to buying/using a lot of products.  I’m going to give you 5 reasons why it’s OK to be a product junkie.

1. You become a resource

You now have the knowledge of different products. Their positives and their negatives. You can make honest suggestions and give good advise!

2. Experimenting is a must!

You have to do a little experimenting with different products and brands to find what works best for you and your hair! Nobody knows your texture and routine better than you.

3. Support small businesses

This one is great because you get to find great off the radar products and support businesses that work really hard! Some of the best products I’ve used are from small businesses that aren’t all hyped up.

4.  Compensation for seasonal effects

The condition and needs of your hair change as the seasons change. When it’s dry and hot outside your hair may need more moisture. Sometimes oils are better in the winter versus the spring when the humidity is higher. Your hair’s needs change over time which could require different brands, products, or types of products.

5. It’s fun!

It’s fun to get and try new products. Period!

In moderation being a product junkie doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Say it with me “I am a product junkie and that’s OK”.

Live it. Love it. Style it.

Magnetic Lashes Might Be the Devil

Hey there! My latest beauty experiment was with magnetic lashes. I thought ok great this should be easy…. boy was I wrong.

I’ve struggled with fake lashes forever! Anything to make it easier I’m all for! I don’t typically wear fake lashes myself but my clients love them. I purchased the Ardell Magnetic Lashes in 110.


They claim on the  box to be easy to apply! You get two sets of lashes with magnetic strips on them. The idea is that they connect around your natural lashes. The directions say to lay the top lash on top of your lash line and then take the bottoms and connect.

Simple right? No! I didn’t have much luck with that technique so I tried a lash applicator, I was very excited about this technique…. it made it worse!

Finally I figured out that the ends need the most work and maneuvering. I went back to using my fingers and I got it!

This definitely takes practice but after this experience I feel like I will just sick to lashes and glue! I might feel differently trying this on a person rather than myself.


It might be a while before I touch the magnetic lashes again.

Have you tried them? Do you want to try them?

Live it. Love it. Style it.

Cream of Nature Pure Honey

Hey hey! Today we’re talking about a new line from Cream of Nature! It’s Cream of Nature Pure Honey. Perfect for this hot drying weather.


I have the shampoo, conditioner, and leave in. They are made with honey, coconut oil, and shea butter. Formulated without sulfates and mineral oil.

The shampoo didn’t strip my hair, the conditioner was extremely moisturizing, and the leave in was creamy and hydrating. Best part they smell amazing!

I’ve always been a fan of Cream of Nature, they really hit the nail on the head with this one! This line is extremely afforable as well!

If you have natural, curly, thick, or just dry hair in general this line is for you!

I found mine at Walmart.

Live it. Love it. Style it.

Wall Tapestries

Hello hello! I’ve been looking for an interiors subject to share and finally I have it! Wall tapestries.

Wall tapestries are fun and unexpected ways to take wall art up a notch. I have a big wall tapestry that is black and white with tassels but I haven’t found the right place for it yet. I was shopping the other day and found one a little smaller that fit right in with my color scheme.


I love the flair it adds to my space. You can have a lot of fun with them as well. They add texture and a little culture to any space.

What do you think?

Live it. Love it. Style it.

Milk Makeup: Matcha Toner

Happy happy Wednesday! Today I’m reviewing the Milk Makeup Matcha Toner.

I’ve tried a few products from Milk Makeup and I’m impressed thus far. The brand has a very simple aesthetic but great products!

The Matcha Toner is a solid gel toner stick. Yes I said stick. It intrigued me so of course I had to try it! I bought the mini in case it wasn’t good.

It has Matcha green tea, kombucha, and witch hazel to tone and tighten skin as well as organic cactus elixir to hydrate and calm.

Verdict: I love it! I think it’s extremely convenient in a stick and it really does make good on its promises!

Most toners dry your skin out because they have alcohol in them. Not the case with this one! My skin feels hydrated, calm, and clean! My pores are definitely refined as well.

I use it before bed but it would be great to prep the skin before makeup application.


You can purchase at Sephora.

Live it. Love it. Style it.