Family Photo Wall

Happy Wednesday everyone! Today I want to share my take on the family photo wall.

I take a lot of pics on my cell phone,  who doesn’t? I also live in an apartment where I’m not about to put a bunch of holes in the wall to hang picture frames. I use the free prints app a lot too! I mean a lot! It’s an app that prints your pics for free you just pay shipping!

So I have all these pics laying around. Solution:


I bought these lighted strands that come with little clothes pins. I’ve found them at Home Goods, TJ Maxx, Rue 21, a bunch of places! Price? 7 bucks!  The clothes pins are metallic and some have designs. The strands light up you just add batteries.

I arranged the strands how I wanted on the wall and used the clothes pins to hang the pictures! Easy, simple, and fun!

What do you think?

Live it. Love it. Style it.


The Bougie Water Challenge

Here’s something fun for your Wednesday. There was a debate going on about bottle water; which brand is better or does it really matter it’s all the same.

I used to laugh at the bougie people paying upwards of $3 a bottle for “artisan water”. I thought water is water is water and it’s all nasty! LOL I don’t like to drink water so in an effort to drink more water and see what all the fuss was about I created the bougie water challenge.

I went to the store and I bought all the different waters so I could evaluate them and see if one was superior to the others.

I purchased: Fiji, Evian, Voss still and sparkling, Eternal Water, S. Pellegrino, Perrier, Life Wtr, Core Hydration, and Boxed Water.



Fiji: Claim to fame: Natural artisan water from the islands of Fiji, bottled at the source. Untouched by humans until you unscrew the cap (nice huh!).

Pros: crisp, refreshing, quenching, no weird taste, 7.7 pH, easy to open bottle, travel friendly, aesthetically pleasing

Cons: none

Conclusion: I like this water I would buy it regularly

Evian: Claim to fame: Natural spring water from the French Alps.

Pros: 7.2 pH, travel friendly, easy to open bottle, quenching, no after taste

Cons: spring water taste, not as crisp and refreshing as Fiji

Conclusion: I would buy it if I couldn’t find Fiji

Voss Sparkling: Claim to fame: Artesian water from Norway.

Pros: This was my first time trying plain sparkling water it was weird in a good way! Refreshing and crisp, cool aesthetic- glass bottle very tall, no after taste, taste best ice cold

Cons: not quenching, not travel friendly, no pH given

Conclusion: Great sparkling water! I would buy it again. Regularly? Probably not just because it’s sparkling.

Voss Still: Claim to fame: Artesian water from Norway.

Pros: refreshing, quenching, great bottle aesthetic

Cons: not travel friendly, extremely hard to open (may have just been that bottle lol), no pH given

Conclusion: I would keep a bottle or two in my fridge.

Eternal Water:  Claim to fame: Naturally alkaline spring water from the most pure and pristine sources on Earth.

Pros: Bio bottle (environmentally friendly), pH 7.8-8.2, nice bottle design, easy to open, crisp, refreshing, and quenching, travel friendly, no taste

Cons: none

Conclusion: I would purchase again.

S. Pellegrino: Claim to fame: bottled at the source San Pellegrino Terme (Bergamo) Italy. Sparkling natural mineral water.

Pros: refreshing, love the bottle design (I’m a sucker for glass bottles), easy screw top

Cons: tasted minerally, weird during taste (felt like I needed a chaser), no pH given

Conclusion: I would stock some for looks on my bar cart but I would NEVER drink S. Pellegrino again.

Perrier: Claim to fame: Captured at the source in France. Sparkling natural mineral water.

Pros: love the bottle, easy to drink from, refreshing, no sodium

Cons: still minerally tasting (not as bad as Pellegrino), no pH given, not quenching, not travel friendly

Conclusion: I would buy for looks not for drinking. I DO NOT like mineral water!

Life Wtr: Claim to fame: Purified water pH balanced, electrolytes for taste. Thirst Inspiration.

Pros: support artists/designers (adds to the aesthetic), squirt top (yassss), travel perfect, refreshing, tastes good, quenching, no after taste or during taste

Cons: basic

Conclusion: great everyday water; I would purchase again but it doesn’t give me those good bougie vibes

Core Hydration: Claim to fame: Perfect pH water.

Pros: cool bottle, 7.4 pH (the pH of your body), environmentally friendly bottle, no sodium, fresh, crisp, clean, no taste, quenching

Cons: could be more travel friendly

Conclusion: great water reminds me of Essentia (I would have included it in my test but I couldn’t find it- great water!), I would buy it regularly.

Boxed Water: Claim to fame: Boxed water is better. Purified water.

Pros: Eco friendly bottle, process, super small carbon footprint, charitable, crisp, refreshing, quenching, good water, fun aesthetic

Cons: not super easy to drink from

Conclusion: I would buy one or two for conversation but I wouldn’t purchase it regularly. It’s great water but not worth the money.

Ultimate Conclusion: Fiji is my choice for the ultimate bougie water. It’s good water and it gives me those good bougie vibes!

What do you think?

Live it. Love it. Drink it.

Brand Spotlight: Sunglass Spot

Let talk about sunglasses! I don’t know about you but sunglasses are not only one of my favorite accessories they are also very important! Sunglasses protect your eyes and the skin around your eyes from sunlight and other harshness of the environment. The bigger the better is my motto!

Today I’m highlighting Sunglass Spot! Sunglass Spot is an internet company that sells all kinds of sunglasses and the majority of them are $5!


They sell the regular brand and a premium brand. The regular brand is $5 and the premium brand is $9.95. You can even get a monthly subscription of sunglasses! It’s a great way to try different sizes, shapes, and colors. Believe me when I say they have everything!

I live in a place that is sunny about 93% of the year and I spend as much time at the beach as possible, sunglasses are my jam!


Each pair comes with a colorful sunglass bag too!


Check out today!

Live it. Love it. Style it.

Coffee Table Books

My favorite piece of functional and fashionable décor, the coffee table book! They come in all different sizes, colors, and subjects.

You can style coffee table books a number of ways: you can stack them, prop them up, stagger them, heck they don’t even have to go on your coffee table.

I think the reason I love them so much is because you can get coffee table books in subjects you like! They not only look good as décor but you can read them as well!

I have coffee table books on travel, fashion, makeup, designers, etc. I’ve found them in a couple of different places as well. Some I ordered from Amazon but I found lot of them at a local used book store! Prices vary but I think coffee table books are timeless and chic!


Glam Up Your Bathroom 3 Ways

Say it with me no ugly bathrooms! Often times our bathrooms are not thought of as a room to decorate or a room that can be fashionable and functional. Outside of coordinating towels and a cute shower curtain what are other steps you can take to give your bathroom a little more flair? I’m glad you asked! Here are three very simple ways to class up your powder room.

  1. Presentation is everything! Take certain bathroom items out of their packaging like Q-tips, cotton rounds/balls, soap, etc. and place them in jars, decorative containers, trays, etc.PhotoGrid_1518880036716
  2. Show off your fragrances. Not only it is pleasing to the eye but it’s easy to see what fragrance you want to use that day!PhotoGrid_1518879942314
  3. Roll your towels. It’s stylish and fun! Find a big basket or stack them on top of each other. Atypical ways to show off and store your towels definitely adds a little something to your bathroom. PhotoGrid_1518879700004

Bonus tip: Clear your vanity off. The less clutter on your counter top the more aesthetically pleasing and the cleaner the counter top stays.

Are you running off to glam up your bathroom?

Live it. Love it. Style it.

Brand Spotlight: GlamGlow

Happy Wednesday and Valentine’s day! Today we are highlighting GlamGlow! I have been ride or die for this company and their products for a long time. They have amazing range which means you can always find something to fit your needs.

GlamGlow has really expanded over the last few years. They started out with face masks and have ventured into moisturizers, face mists, and even lip products.

They are super fun as well! Their packaging is majorly cute and one of their latest products has glitter in it! Need I say more?

I have tried quite a few products from GlamGlow including: the Supermud clearing treatment, the Youthmud tingling and exfoliating treatment, the Powermud dualcleanse treatment, the Thirstymud hydrating treatment, the Flashmud brightening treatment, Brightmud eye treatment, the Poutmud fizzy lip exfoliating treatment, and the Glowsetter makeup setting spray. Just to name a few.


All items purchased at Sephora.

Have you tried anything by GlamGlow?

Live it. Love it Glam it.

Coffee Table Styling

Are you a knick-knack person? Do you like tchotchkes? I do! I use my knick-knacks to add a flair to tables, bookshelves, etc. I use them as something extra or finishing touches.

I feel like your coffee table just screams for little decorative extras. Why not? I don’t drink coffee so I have no other choice. JK. The coffee table is such a versatile piece and often times it’s the center piece of a room, so have a little fun with it.

You can go in many different directions with coffee table styling depending on the fashion or the function of the room. This is were knick-knacks or tchotchkes come in. You can add these in to make something functional look fabulous.

Here are a few examples of different styles and pieces that create different looks.

As you can see you have quite a few options to mix and match I incorporated pictures, flowers, and books. You can add or take away just depends on your preference or the aesthetic of the room. You can have fun with color or stick to a theme.

What do you think?

Live it. Love it. Style it.