Trend Focus: The “Man Purse”

Hello Everyone! It has been too long but when life happens…

So I have started a new blog topic that I believe I can blog about on the regular. The new topic is going to be called Trend Focus and every few days I’m going to blog on a new trend focus and I want opinions and discussions about the focus.

Today’s Trend Focus is the “Man Purse”:

I personally hate the “Man Purse”! I can deal with the briefcase or the laptop case but no purses!!!!! Over the years us girls have had many things stripped from us. We have had to “share” some of our most sacred and prized possessions as women. And the list goes a little something like this:

  1. eyeliner (guyliner- no no)
  2. nail polish (Alphanail- man nail polish- I don’t think so)
  3. skinny jeans (need I say more)
  4. earrings (yes I’m upset about that one)
  5. scarves (I don’t know I just don’t like a man in a scarf but maybe that’s just me? lol)

And the list could go on as a matter of fact please add to the list in the comments! What do you guys think? “Man Purse” good or bad? Other stolen female beauty and fashion trends good or bad? Or is it just me? (I’m not afraid to stand alone! =D)