Self Care: It’s Important

Hello! Today I want to talk about self care. We know it’s important but why and what do you do for self care?

Let me clarify that self care and taking care of yourself are two different things. Taking care of yourself generally means eating, hygiene, and safety. Self care is about your wellbeing past the physical. We’re talking about mental and spiritual wellbeing.

When life gets heavy what do you do to disconnect and decompress? Life comes at us hard everyday and you really can only take so much before it starts to effect you physically, mentally, and emotionally. You’re not your best when you are run down in anyway but a lot of us don’t take time for self care.

I don’t know if people don’t see the importance or don’t count it as one of those things that you need to do to be healthy but it’s important. Just like eating healthy, being active, taking vitamins are all things that are meant to keep you feeling good and working properly so is self care.

Things I do for self care:

Read- sometimes I need a break from constant media stimulation

Listen to music and sing along or have a dance party

Go outside for a walk especially when the weather is cool!

Eat junk food and I don’t feel bad about it or beat myself up.

Pamper myself, whether it’s getting my nails done or soaking in the bathtub.

There are plenty more things I do for self care and honestly I try to do them as much as possible! Why? Because I love myself and I want to enjoy my time to the fullest. Life can be mean and hard on its own so I’m not going to deprive myself or be mean to myself. I’m going to get mine where ever I can! That’s not being selfish that’s taking control and living your best life! Who doesn’t want that?

What do you do for self care?


Live it. Love it. Style it.


Getting in the Fall Spirit!

Hey hey! Today we’re talking fall! The best time of the year! It’s September! My absolute favorite month and I’m feeling festive!

I’m sharing with you one of my fall inspired vignettes! We’ve got rich colors, pumpkins (of course), and yummy smelling candles!


How are you getting into the fall spirit? Take advantage before you know it Christmas will be here!


Live it. Love it. Style it.

Top 5 Beauty Tips and Tricks

Hey hey! Today I’m giving you my top 5 best beauty tips and tricks. I’ve been using these like tricks for a while, it’s all trial and error. You have to find what works for you!

1. Use eyeshadow to carve out your brows.

Running late and don’t have time to use concealer to carve out your brows? No problem! Use a matte light or flesh colored eyeshadow to carve out and clean up your brows.

2. Pat in primer.

Never rub your primer into your skin. Pat it in. Primer is meant to be a shield between your skin and your makeup. The primer needs to sit on your face, fill pores and allow your makeup to show true to color and not seep into your face.

3. Wet blend cream products

Whether it’s a cream foundation, blush, contour, or eyeshadow wet blend is key! Sometimes bending dry can give a harsh line or just not melt into the skin the way you want. Take a setting spray or any facial spray and spray your face or the brush you are using to blend! It makes it easier and gives you a seamless blend.

4. Black eyeshadow hacks

Black eyeshadow can be very scary if used wrong but very versatile when used right! I use black eyeshadow as eyeliner when I don’t want a hard line or to fill in gaps on my lash line to make my lashes look fuller. Lastly the best hack, use black eyeshadow on your lower lashes in lieu of mascara so you don’t end up with scary spider lashes. #thankmelater

5. Let your mascara dry!

If you make a mistake let your mascara dry it can be swept right away with your brush no smudge.

What  are your go to tips and tricks?


Live it. Love it. Style it.

First Impressions: NudeStix

Hey hey! Today we’re talking about NudeStix brand cosmetics. Of course Ulta just had to send out 20% off coupons and I tried my hardest to ignore it but then I saw you could use it on prestige as well. So I was shopping in Ulta and decided to try something new.

I bought two matte lip colors and a tinted blur stick for your face. The tinted blur stick was $30 and $24 for each lippie. Then of course I used my 20% off.

The packaging is super chic and sleek. They come in black tins and there’s a mirror in the lid.


The tinted blur stick boasts that you will get light coverage with a matte not flat finish. Which is fine I was looking for a light weight light coverage coverup for summer. However I don’t agree with the matte claim. I feel like this product accentuated my oily areas. I still added powder to set as always but just from first application that was not the case. Other than that the first impression was a good one!

The matte lip colors are too die for! They glide on and have great color payoff. They are crayons so they come with their own individual sharpeners. They don’t dry my lips out and the staying power is pretty decent. I worn one through a meal and didn’t need to reapply.

The absolute best thing about this brand is their products are multi-use. The lip products can be used on the face and their face products can be used as foundation, contour, concealer, etc. I could take two products and do a whole face! Especially went it’s hot outside and you want as little on your face as possible.


First impression very good! I will definitely try more NudeStix!

Have you tried NudeStix?

Live it. Love it. Style it.


Play! By Sephora: May 2018

Happy Sunday! I had to post about May’s play box. This is the best box so far in my opinion!

In the May box I received:

  1. DevaCurl Super Cream
  2. Nomade by Chloe
  3. Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir Mascara
  4. Kat Von D Tattoo eyeliner
  5. Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer
  6. Sephora Mud Mask


I can truly say I will use everything! Usually I give my mom the stuff I won’t use. I will be purchasing full sizes of some of these as well. I’ve enjoyed the play box since I signed up but this particular box was outstanding.

I want to up my subscription box game though. I’ll be looking into some other options stay tuned!

Live it. Love it. Style it.

Mid Week Haul #3

Happy Wednesday! Here’s a little haulage for you on this hump day.

Went out over the weekend for Memorial Day and I did a little shopping. Here’s what I got!


All items are from Sephora, Ulta, and Target.

  • My  favorite Rice makeup remover wipes.
  • Mario Badescu facial sprays! The new flavors!!
  • ABH Amrezy highlighter (a review is coming your way!)
  • St. Ives sheet mask
  • Fenty match stixs (these are gorge!)
  • Freebies: Boscia black mask and Chloe perfume

What did y’all do over the holiday weekend?

Live it. Love it. Style it.

Hair color: For Curly Girls

Happy Wednesday! Today we are talking about hair color! Specifically hair color for curly girls!

Yes you can do it! A lot of people feel like color will damage their hair but done properly it will not. You have to be ready to maintain it as well.

I’ll tell you the secret to healthy hair… maintaining a routine! Find a stylist you can trust who understands your hair and create a routine that you can maintain.