Charleston Fashion Week

Happy Sunday! Saturday night I had the privilege of attending the grand finale show at Lexus Charleston Fashion Week. The show included the Emerging Designer Finals and Featured Designer Yigal Azrouel.


The night kicked off with the style lounge, fashion village, and pre-party which included drinks, shopping, and the red carpet.


Then the shows started! The emerging designer finals included: Tygerian Burke, Kelly Callaway, Kenya Freeman, Joan Madison, Patresea Peppers, and Emilie Schroeder. Their collections were amazing with Joan Madison winning the people’s choice and Tygerian Burke taking home the grand prize! All announced by Fern Mallis the creator of New York Fashion week.


Lastly the after party at the style lounge. The night was absolutely amazing! The fashions both on and off the runway were stunning. It was a night to mingle and just have fun with fashion.


Next up in my home town Florence Fashion Week and after that Charlotte Fashion Week! Stay tuned.

Live it. Love it. Style it.


Fall’s Must Have Color: Mustard

Mustard is fall’s it color! My number one best piece of advice is don’t be afraid of color! Think you can’t do mustard for fall think again!

I’m going to show you five ways to do mustard for fall using some popular trends right now. After this post you will realize just how versatile mustard really is!

I took New York and Company’s 7th Avenue Pant in mustard for these looks. Now these pants are less casual more business casual but you can recreate these looks with mustard jeans as well.

Look Number 1:

  • Tribal: pants paired with a tribal print flowy top and pewter open toed flats

Look Number 2:

  • Color blocked and Stripes: pants paired with a melon pink top and black and white striped blazer

Look Number 3 (My Fav!):

  • Floral + Peplum + Lace: pants paired with a floral lace peplum top and black flats

Look Number 4:

  • Polka Dots with an English Flair: pants paired with sheer navy polka dot top, light blue blazer, and brown oxfords

Look Number 5:

  • Animal Print: Leopard top and black and camel wedges

Now after all that if you still aren’t sure about doing mustard in something as bold as pants then try accessories!

Try it. Live it. Love it. Style it.

$20 Flawless Summer Makeup

You do not let me repeat DO NOT have to spend bookoo amounts of money to get a flawless gorgeous face!

This is especially easy during the summer time when you don’t want to put a lot of makeup on your face anyway.

A quick and inexpensive way to look gorgeously flawless in the summer heat goes a little something like this…

5 products to a flawless, melt-proof glow you will rock all summer:

  1. Face primer a MUST HAVE!- Elf Mineral face primer $6
  2. All over bronzing powder- NYC bronzing powder in Sunny $2
  3. A cream blush- Bonnebell cream blush in Peach $3
  4. Mascara DUH!- Maybelline Falsies in Black Drama $5
  5. Lipstick- Revlon Lipstick in Demure $4

Grand total: $20

A face primer is a must in melt-proofing your makeup and if your summers get as hot as my summers then you need this product!

All over bronzer gives you that just from the beach look and it is a lot safer than tanning!

A cream blush in the summer time looks and feels more natural than powder blush and lasts longer on your skin.

Mascara need I say more…

A lip product it doesn’t matter if it is a stick or a gloss it just depends on how you feel! I chose lipstick just to add a little more color to my look versus a gloss.

4 Ways to Grow Up Your Style

Going through some major transition in life or just tired of your rut? Perfect! The first step is admitting there’s a problem ~haha no but seriously you can apply these tips in either situation.

Being a recent college grad often I struggle with going from college co-ed to professional young woman. You want to retain some signature style but not feel like a little girl playing dress up.

These quick, easy, and cheap tips can take you there!

1. Footwear: I know it’s hard to hear but flipflops are no longer the acceptable everyday, every place footwear. Comfort is definitely number one on my list especially when it comes to your feet!

  • ballerina flats: make any outfit stylish and a little more age appropriate in any situation.
  • Wedges: perfect for the summer and super comfortable! They give all the height of heels with out the hurt!

2. Pants: Now here we can have some fun because you can still wear jeans! However the cut and the wash are the most important issues to consider!

  • Always Always Always a dark wash! A dark wash screams style!
  • As for cut I would suggest a boot cut or skinny jean depending on  your body type. One is always more flattering than the other based on your shape.

3. Tops: Number one rule for more grown up tops, be mindful of how much skin you are showing! Especially in a professional setting. You can be stylish and still be yourself without showing too much.

  • Again depending on your body type try scoop neck tops, button ups are always appropriate, and slight V necks.
  • Prints and colors: you can be playful and have fun just remember the situation. For work you want more muted colors and softer more demure prints. For play you can get a little crazier with a louder color and bolder print.

4. Jewelry: For me jewelry is the most important part of my outfit as well as my style! Jewelry is real simple~ there are too types either you like chunky pieces or you like delicate pieces. Personally I’m a chunky jewelry kind of girl!

  • Chunky jewels: one piece at a time! If you want a chunky necklace then you need small earrings or none at all. One chunky rings not five! A few chunky bangles not an arm or two full!
  • Delicate jewels: Kind of the opposite. You can do small earrings and a delicate necklace but you can still have jewelry overload here too. Laying can be dangerous, three or four stackable tiny rings is cute but not on every finger or all the way up you finger.

At the end of the day less is really more, always be conscience of the situation you are dressing for, don’t get stuck, and view the next chapter as a challenge! Next step New you!

DIY: Place Mat Clutch

Super stylish and beyond affordable I give you the place mat clutch! This idea came about because I wanted a clutch but not just any clutch a specific clutch and since I couldn’t find what I wanted I decided to make it.

What you need:

  • a place mat
  • fabric
  • a button
  • a snap fastener

Approx. Cost: $6.00

What I did:

  1. I found a place mat that was faux leather and had a nice design this is were you can be super creative and you can find place mats any and everywhere for a couple of bucks.
  2. I used fabric remnants from Hobby Lobby and I also got the snap fastener from Hobby Lobby I used my 40% off coupon! Make sure you get a fastener with prongs.
  3. I decided a I wanted an envelope style clutch so I used the fabric as the flap of the clutch and just folded it and secured it in the desired shape.
  4. I folded the place mat in half and sewed the sides, I attached the flap at the top.
  5. The snap fastener is two pieces one goes on top and the other in the bottom. Punch the prongs through the place mat and fold them over and do the same with the top piece. Punch it through the flap and fold the prongs over.
  6. To hide the prongs from the fastener I attached a button on the top of the flap.
  7. You can get very creative with a project like this. Use all kinds of buttons, fabrics, different place mats, add studs and beading! Just have fun!


Final product:


Trend Focus: Hombre Nails

The Hombre trends is real big right now whether it’s hair, clothes, or nails. I wanted to hombre my hair for the longest but I wasn’t sure… so I did the next best thing… NAILS!

For Hombre Nails all you do is take three or more colors in the same color palette and paint each nail differently so the nails go from dark to light.

I used three colors in the orange-y, pink-y, coral-y color palette. I painted my pinky finger and ring finger the darkest color, the middle and index finger the second darkest, and the thumb the lightest color.


What do you think? I really like this trend! I’m off to find out what else I can Hombre!