Four Weddings and a Funeral (the TV show) and Why You Should be Watching It

Four Weddings and a Funeral is a Hulu original with new episodes every Wednesday. It’s produced my Mindy Kaling which I knew I was going to absolutely fall in love with (I love Mindy). FWAF (my new acronym for the show) is based on the movie of the same title. This show is targeted straight at millennials which is one of the reasons you should be watching whether you are a millennial or not.

  1. Millennials live in a very interesting environment where they are expected to do and be everything their baby boomer predecessors did and were. However due to the trial and error of said baby boomers millennials cannot do the same things and reap the same rewards. FWAF follows four millennials after college, in their careers or lack thereof, and through their personal relationships. If you are a millennial, I’m sure you’ve dealt with being in a job you hate but reaping financial benefits or you’ve landed your dream job that pays nothing. I’m sure you thought you would be further along in life (career, marriage, kids) not barely making enough to pay the bills and eat each month. FWAF shows you that it’s not just you! And for those who aren’t millennials take a look past your own observations and prejudices to realize we aren’t coming up in the same world you did.
  2. FWAF follows a very diverse group of young people. This may be the best thing about this show. We watch Kash, a Pakistani Muslim in London go to mosque and debate an arranged marriage with his dad but on the other hand we see Ainsley a young white American get cut off by her southern rich parents. The diversity of the show and how it is presented is so organic, nothing is forced. No matter how different the character is culturally they are still relatable. That my friend is TV gold.
  3. FWAF teaches amazing lessons about love and loss neither of which you will ever fully understand whether you are 27 or 77. Losing a family member or significant other, getting cheated on or left at the alter you may never experience some of these events, but the lesson is learning how to be there for somebody when something like that happens. Emotional intelligence is something that is extremely critical in life not just on the job. FWAF shows how to be supportive, cope, and celebrate all the things life can throw at you because walking around thinking that will never happen to me is just plain ignorant.

If you have Hulu settle in this weekend and binge watch season 1 (it’s just 10 episodes) and if you don’t have Hulu go on and sign up for the free trial, you’ll be glad you did.


Comment below and let me know how you liked it!


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The Famous Toastery

Hey hey everybody! Today I had brunch at the Famous Toastery in Rock Hill, SC.


I must say it was great! Very cute place. The decor was quaint and the service was good. The star of the show today was the food. It was quite busy and I can tell why!

We started with fresh corn bread and an apple cinnamon spread. It was Ahhhhmazing!


Then I ordered the stuffed French Toast. The order came quickly and was  delicious!  The French Toast was stuffed with strawberries and cream cheese. It literally was mouth watering.


Bottom line if you get the chance this is definitely a place to try! They have breakfast, brunch, and lunch. Definitely something for everyone with lots of options. Gluten free options, vegetarian options, and farm to table.

I believe there is one in Charlotte, NC too! Check out the Famous Toastery.

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The Future Wife Tour 2

Happy Monday good people! Last night I attended the Future Wife Tour 2 in Columbia, SC. I had the privilege of attending the first tour in Charlotte, NC last year.

This tour was originated by Ace Metaphor; a poet, author, and social media personality. He wrote the Future Wife Handbook for the first tour and the feature this year was volume 2 the Break Up Book.

On the tour there are other spoken word artists as well. We saw K Love the Poet and Jay Martinez. As well as DJ Major Key. The tour is full of talent and fun!

Ace holds a Q&A for the audience to interact and stimulate conversation. It’s definitely a night of laughter and fun.

I’m glad I went I was not disappointed! Can’t wait to read the new book. Look for the Future Wife Tour coming to a city near you!


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Milk Makeup: Matcha Toner

Happy happy Wednesday! Today I’m reviewing the Milk Makeup Matcha Toner.

I’ve tried a few products from Milk Makeup and I’m impressed thus far. The brand has a very simple aesthetic but great products!

The Matcha Toner is a solid gel toner stick. Yes I said stick. It intrigued me so of course I had to try it! I bought the mini in case it wasn’t good.

It has Matcha green tea, kombucha, and witch hazel to tone and tighten skin as well as organic cactus elixir to hydrate and calm.

Verdict: I love it! I think it’s extremely convenient in a stick and it really does make good on its promises!

Most toners dry your skin out because they have alcohol in them. Not the case with this one! My skin feels hydrated, calm, and clean! My pores are definitely refined as well.

I use it before bed but it would be great to prep the skin before makeup application.


You can purchase at Sephora.

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Frank Body: Lip Scrub Shimmer

Happy Wednesday! Today I’m reviewing Frank Body’s Lip Scrub Shimmer.

Frank Body is natural, cruelty free skincare. The products are aimed at detoxifying, brightening, and softening your body. There are products for body, face, and lips.

I tried the lip scrub shimmer. I’ve tried a lot of lip exfoliants and I have to say the Frank Body lip scrub was gentle but hard working, moisturizing, and smells great! The packaging is extremely cute and the fact that it is cruelty free is even better!


I’m excited to try the body scrubs next! The lip scrub retails for 14.95 and free shipping at!

Check them out on Instagram @frank_bod and SnapChat: frankbod.

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Jade Facial Roller = Obsessed

Happy Father’s Day! Today we’re talking about my latest obsession, the jade facial roller.

There are many claims about the benefits of the jade roller, from lymphatic drainage to increased circulation.


I’ve used the jade roller everyday for the last 7 days straight and here’s why I’m obsessed:

  • It’s a facial massage! I deal with tension headaches a lot and facial massages help tremendously!
  • It’s cooling. I put it in the refrigerator for an extra cool.
  • It’s gorgeous. One of those beauty items you want to leave out on your vanity.

I think I need to use it a little longer to realize some of the other benefits like the circulation and product permeability.

I got mine from Marshalls! I most definitely recommend!

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How a Makeup Class Changed My Life

Happy Tuesday! Today I’m going to get a little personal with you. The content I put on here is supposed to be informative, helpful, and above all fun. I stick to beauty, fashion, and decor. The name of this blog says it all, I want to help you live your best life, one beauty hack, one fashion trend at a time. My goal is to empower you and expose you to things, products, and events you can incorporate or aspire to in your own life! You don’t have to be a slave to the opinions of society or break the bank to live the Stylish Life.

There are some out there that believe clothes and makeup are a waste of time and there are more important things in life. Yes, there are always more important things especially in a world so serious and “woke”. I’m here to give you a break from the harsh realities of our society. Sometimes you need a break! You need some frivolity. Living in a put together home with knick knacks, throw pillows, and wall art or knowing the ends and outs of contouring and highlighting may seem frivolous to some, but these simple things changed my life.

I grew up in a small town in the south where I was constantly trying to fit in but I knew I never would. I was different and I stood out but never on purpose.

I was a confident person in that I was confident in my skills and abilities but I had some major insecurities. I always felt like an ugly duckling and that held me back in a lot of ways.

I’ve always been interested in interior design. I was constantly changing my bedroom around and as I got older my design techniques expanded to other parts of my parent’s home. My passion for beauty came much later. I didn’t start wearing makeup until Jr. High school and by makeup I mean eyeshadow, just eyeshadow. I had one little quad from my mom that was different shades of purple. I expanded a little in college but most of the time I was bare faced.

I really caught the beauty bug about three years after I graduated. I was soaking up all kinds of YouTube tutorials but I wanted more. I found a school near by that taught a certification course in makeup where you ended with a professional portfolio and photo shoot.

I decided to do it!

I could go on and on about what we were taught but I want to share what I learned.

Of course I learned products, skincare, sanitation, and application but above all, this course helped me embrace myself. Every part flaws and all. I walked away from that experience with everything they said I would as well as, a new self confidence, self awareness, and self love.

This experience chipped away at the insecurities I had about myself. It gave me the courage and the gumption to go out and share my knowledge. I’ve used this experience to spearhead my business but also bring you this blog.

I know what it’s like to not like yourself and live in constant comparison. I want to share that you can use your interests and passions to break out of those negative and toxic thoughts, emotions, and actions to not only inspire and help others but live a better life!

Never let anyone put you down for embracing and enjoying the things in life you love and especially don’t do it to yourself. Use every opportunity to share what you know and what you love because you never know what speaks to other people.

Did I go into that makeup course thinking that it would forever alter my life? No way! I was honestly just excited about the makeup kit lol! Little did I know this one event would impact me so much.

To everyone out there struggling with purpose, identity, having dark thoughts, or dealing with self hate this is for you. You can turn it around and it does get better!

Live it. Love it. Style it.